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Spectacular Taichung Museum Designed To Fully Operate On wind power

The Taichung Echo Wind Tower by Oxo Architects is an expressive green tower. Overseeing the Taichung basin, the Taiwan tower is the observatory of the central Taiwan ecosystem, ranging from the central mountain range to the South China Sea. The tower’s envelope is composed of 2 million suspended thin metal leaves that tilt up against the wind which operates 64 internal helicoidal wind turbines, generating enough energy to make the building fully sustainable. The facade shows patterns of air flows as a monumental expression of the natural context and its immediate climatic conditions. Itsskin symbolizes the cohesion of the surrounding habitat while the evolving winds provide transformations of its form. The tower is 350 meters high and this slight obliquity allows the metal leaves’ polished surfaces to reflect Taichung to itself. Approaching visitors seize in these reflections their city at different scales and from contrasting viewpoints. At night, the tower turns into a 2 million pixel led vertical screen with infinite possibilities to provide dynamic digital visuals. A tripod emerges from within the reservoir comprising of a lobby, an office block and a singular mirrored shape. The tower floats above ground fitted on top of the tripod.

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Flying Piano in Munich

Some people at Munich Airport had the chance to see the pianist Stefan Aaron perform a piano concert on a “flying carpet”. A superb performance and poetic initiative made for the Orange Piano Tour to discover in images in the article.


lisa hein + robert seng build a wall of jello bricks

lisa hein and robert seng propose their interpretation of wall in the form of a process-oriented work delivered by means of a cooking demonstration. usually bricks-and-mortar bring to mind the feeling of permanence, stability and protection, but the brooklyn-based artists have instead, swapped out the concrete building blocks for something a little bit more wiggly jiggly – moulding colourful slabs of juicy jello in a range of flavours to assemble a partition. the work encompasses hein and seng’s creative approach in which they develop and realize their projects through an element of performance, with the resulting fabrication being influenced by its set environment; whether through intentional actions and provocations, or natural changes.


Arron Afflalo. My man. 

Arron Afflalo. My man. 

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olafur eliasson layers a riverbed within louisiana museum of modern art

for the first time, danish-icelandic artist olafur eliasson presents a solo show at denmark’s prestigious louisiana museum of modern art, placing three spatial installations within the architectural context of the site. like many of the exhibitions presented throughout his creative career, eliasson’s ‘riverbed’ is site-specific, engaging with the cultural institution’s unique identity, thematically linking the artworks and gallery as a place — physically, structurally and historically. radical interventions delve into the reality of the space as an institution, and at the same time focus on local sensory experiences as part of a global perspective. the central work in the exhibition is ‘riverbed’, a giant landscape which unfolds throughout the south wing of the gallery in one great sweep. a surface of rocks canvasses the floors, creating a terrain for a stream of water winding through the interior. the piece places an alternative path to the one already anticipated by the architecture: visitors are transported from the typical walk across a tile floor, to steps on top of loose terrain, and finally a course along a river. the installation acts as a direct reference to the history of the site — louisiana’s south wing was added in 1982 on a slope that used to be home to a sculpture garden. ‘riverbed’ affords the viewer the opportunity to think about the aesthetic experience as more than just an encounter between the visitor and works on the floor or walls.


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House Lam sits on a rocky plot of land in Bedfordview, Johannesburg, South Africa with unbelievable views of the city’s skyline. It began as a contemporary house that needed work, so Nico van der Meulen Architects came in to alter and design additions to the home. The exterior is covered in red, grey, and black making this now three story mansion completely unforgettable. Built with steel, stone, and lots of glass, the house is built with the views in mind which can be seen through all of the windows.