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markus linnenbrink places viewers within a psychedelic color canvas

uniting painting with architecture, new york based artist markus linnenbrink has transformed two exhibition spaces at the kunsthalle, nürnberg into a walk-all-over canvas. the floors, walls and ceiling of the german site have been pigmented with vibrantly-hued parallel streaks, traversing through the gallery’s rooms. the specific arrangement of the tones and their linear movement sees the line between two-dimensionality dissolve, simultaneously suggesting the idea of an endlessly expanding space. this color adaptation, which linnenbrink has titled ‘wasserscheide(desireallputtogether)’, evokes a wild and psychedelic sense of mobility, with an intensity that the viewer’s eye can hardly follow. linnenbrink begins by applying transparent layers of paint to the walls, gradually reducing the width of the stripes with applied pigments. throughout this process, the glazed layers shine through each other, setting the space in motion. the coloration of the walls has a translucent quality reminiscent of watercolor works and running paint drippings left behind bear a texture that is confusingly ephemeral.


Thank you God for letting me see 24! Truly blessed.

Thank you God for letting me see 24! Truly blessed.

Heading to my birthday dinner with loved ones…

Heading to my birthday dinner with loved ones…

Frenetic Spray-painted Birds by ‘L7m’

Here’s a collection of murals and canvases from street artist L7m (previously) who paints interpretations of birds that morph from realistic into more abstract strokes of spray paint and explosions of color. Included here are a number of pieces from Spain, Portugal, and his native Brazil over the last few months. You can see much more here.

To Have and To Hold by JamesPlumb

The illusory shadows of burning candles and unexpected assemblages of decrepit furniture make up the latest collection by British designers JamesPlumb. Hannah Plumb and James Russell, who work together as JamesPlumb, created the To Have and To Hold collection from discarded and broken antiques. Included in the collection is a nineteenth century chandelier shown alongside a moving image of its silhouette.

Lotus Motorcycle Concept

Lotus has recently introduced its first motorcycle called the C-01 and produced 100 copies only. This superbike, mixing with talent retro and futuristic lines offers a V-twin engine 1195 cm3. A vehicle designed by Daniel Simon to see in the following images.


This 10,000 square-foot contemporary waterfront home in Louisiana [yes, Louisiana!] was completed December 2008 by architect Mike McSwain.

Exterior highlights: Water in front and back consisting of a shallow cypress tree lake in the rear and large pond in front. The pond contains a sculptured pavilion which matches the geometry of the house and is framed by a concrete stacked archway when viewed from the front door. Front entryway is a granite slab bridge over a reflecting pool with aluminum columns rising out of the water – illuminated at night. Rear of house has two decks. The upper deck (called the party deck) is made from Brazilian hardwood with black slate bamboo lighted planters along the exterior. The deck is adjacent to a well equipped outdoor kitchen / seating area that connects to the family room with retractable glass walls.

Interior highlights: Dramatic lighted, water element entrance with 30’ suspended ovoid limestone clad chimney over fire ribbon fireplace set in recessed bed of black river rock form an interior entryway vestibule inside the front doors. Behind the chimney is the sunken living room and wall of glass overlooking the lake. Floating wood slats ceiling panels and two flanking vertical planes of limestone contrast with the curtain wall on the other sides. Nanowalls, glass walls that completely retract to allow for a full, large opening, connects the den area to an outdoor kitchen and seating area.