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Pixel Mould by Julian Bond

Design graduate Julian Bond of the Royal College of Art has created a moulding machine to produce vases, each with its own unique design. Called Pixel Mould, the machine produces vessels using a single mould made up of over 1300 individual plaster sticks.


carnal hall by bernard tschumi architects set for opening at le rosey

with its long construction process nearing completion, ‘carnal hall’ is set for its opening performance on october 2, 2014. designed by bernard tschumi architects in collaboration with fehlmann architectes, the building will serve as a concert venue and center for art and culture at le rosey, a prestigious boarding school located in rolle, switzerland. the structure is distinguished by a low-arcing dome clad in stainless steel, and stands in stark contrast to the historic campus. the large roof houses a rectangular auditorium at the facility’s center, surrounded by supporting programs arranged in a circular plan. the large roof’s diameter measures 92 meters in length, with an overall area of 4,900 sqm. its edge recedes to allow for entrances at the ground level, and pieces are cut into its surface to allow for views, daylight, and outdoor terraces. major elements of the facility include a 900-seat concert hall, a multipurpose exhibition space, smaller rooms dedicated to specific arts and crafts, and a combined library/learning center. the building is enclosed by glass curtain walls, while the auditorium features entirely wood finishes.


Toy Mammals and Dinosaurs Burdened with Miniature Civilizations by Maico Akiba

Created by artist Maico Akiba, these lumbering toy mammals, dinosaurs, and reptiles carry the burden of miniature worlds that seem to have sprouted from their backs. Akiba uses model making materials commonly used for train sets to build each scene which appear post-apocalyptic in nature. Johnny at Spoon & Tamagokeenly observes that, in a way, they resemble a reverse Noah’s Ark. The project is titled SEKAI (Japanese for “world”), and you can see more here

    robotic blood printer draws ted lawson’s nude self-portrait

    ‘drawing blood’ takes on a different description for brooklyn-based artist ted lawson‘s ‘ghost in the machine’: a life-sized, nude self-portrait rendered from his own bodily fluid. fed intravenously to a CNC machine, lawson’s blood traverses through the mechanical parts, while a robotic arm attached to the device — programmed to trace the designated illustration — carefully maps out the human form.

    ‘I have always used many different technologies to create my work and the goal is usually to find a way to turn those towards something organic and human. lawson tells us ‘I’m generally not into doing selfies, particularly nude ones, but when I came up with the idea to connect my blood directly to the robot CNC machine, it just made too much sense to not try one as a full nude self-portrait.’

    patrick dougherty weaves fit for a queen at castle moat in nantes

    american sculptor patrick dougherty has woven a stickwork at the castle of the dukes of brittany in nantes, france. ‘fit for a queen’ is an ephemeral structure made of branches, cascading in perpetual movement, reaching a monumental scale and enveloping those inside within a maze of organic material. set in the fortress’ moat, the installation invites viewers to enter and explore the tangled passageways and windows built into its tree-like expanse. the project has been realized for this year’s edition of le voyage à nantes. the large-scale work, as a creative undertaking, has required a developed understanding of the medium and an insight into the environmental context around it. ‘I have developed a process, an approach to building a sculpture.‘ dougherty explains ‘the first phase is to harvest some bigger saplings, which I put firmly into the ground to serve as a structural base. next, I imagine my sticks as lines with which to draw, and I pull piles of young saplings through these structural supports. this builds up a beautiful surface that looks much like a line drawing on a sheet of paper. finally I ‘erase’ or hide the blemishes with flourishes of very small sticks.’

    Spectacular Taichung Museum Designed To Fully Operate On wind power

    The Taichung Echo Wind Tower by Oxo Architects is an expressive green tower. Overseeing the Taichung basin, the Taiwan tower is the observatory of the central Taiwan ecosystem, ranging from the central mountain range to the South China Sea. The tower’s envelope is composed of 2 million suspended thin metal leaves that tilt up against the wind which operates 64 internal helicoidal wind turbines, generating enough energy to make the building fully sustainable. The facade shows patterns of air flows as a monumental expression of the natural context and its immediate climatic conditions. Itsskin symbolizes the cohesion of the surrounding habitat while the evolving winds provide transformations of its form. The tower is 350 meters high and this slight obliquity allows the metal leaves’ polished surfaces to reflect Taichung to itself. Approaching visitors seize in these reflections their city at different scales and from contrasting viewpoints. At night, the tower turns into a 2 million pixel led vertical screen with infinite possibilities to provide dynamic digital visuals. A tripod emerges from within the reservoir comprising of a lobby, an office block and a singular mirrored shape. The tower floats above ground fitted on top of the tripod.

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    Flying Piano in Munich

    Some people at Munich Airport had the chance to see the pianist Stefan Aaron perform a piano concert on a “flying carpet”. A superb performance and poetic initiative made for the Orange Piano Tour to discover in images in the article.